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Lear & Lear PLLC, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a natural resource law firm specializing in a wide variety of energy and mineral projects and land related issues. Our clientele range from large national public and private energy companies to small development concerns or individual owners or operators on a regional or local level.

Lear & Lear attorneys, paralegals and staff, have been involved in projects ranging from on-going multi state oil and gas and mineral transactions; regional and national renewable development projects; and local one time purchase and small business transactions. Representative topics include proven and unproven properties for oil and gas, coalbed methane, geothermal resources, tar sands, oil shale, gilsonite (uintahite), copper (and related precisions minerals) gypsum, phosphate, potash, molybdenum, bauxite, and uranium. Our experience extends to acquisitions and issues on federal, Indian, state and private lands.

Natural Resources

Lear & Lear has extensive experience rendering mineral title opinions, status reports, apparent ownership take-off, and other reports. Lear & Lear attorneys work from abstracts of title or from their own stand-up searches. We have rendered opinions throughout the Rocky Mountain West, Eastern States, the Southwest and Texas covering federal, Indian, state, and private lands. The scope of work often includes complex title examination; company data room examination,; traditional federal, Indian, and county title searches; permits, approvals, and regulatory compliance searches, and water rights verification, application, and permitting.

Renewable Energy

Lear & Lear’s decades of experience assisting oil & gas clients on land issues has made us uniquely capable of assisting our renewable energy clients. Our attorneys represent renewable energy producers, particularly for solar and wind projects, on all land related issues. We prepare documents for the acquisition and leasing from landowners for renewable energy development. We work closely with title agencies, insurance providers, and surveyors to verify surface and mineral ownership and cure title defects. We also work closely with local governments and utilities to prepare crossing agreements and ensure compliance with local and state ordinances and statutes.


Lear & Lear's attorneys practice before a number of courts and adjudicative bodies in cases related to natural resources energy law. Our attorneys regularly appear before the Department of the Interior's Office of Hearings and Appeals. We also represent clients before the Interior Board of Land Appeals. In addition to our federal administrative practice we represent client interests before Utah's Board of Oil, Gas and Mining. We also represent clients in civil court. We have, most recently, made appearances in Utah state court's to protect client's interests in natural resource reserves, to resolve contract disputes, and to perform curative measures.

Lear & Lear puts client service first. We understand the business demands our clients face. We are focused on delivering the finest legal services and products in a timely manner and at competitive rates. We take pride in maintaining open lines of communication with our clients, often responding immediately with effective solutions. The diversity of our attorneys’ experiences and professional backgrounds enables Lear & Lear to advise and represent clients in the broad spectrum of natural resource law. Given the demands and budget of any case or project, we are able to provide services remotely or travel to project locations as needed. We understand that our job is to help make your businesses work better. If you work with Lear & Lear and our attorneys you will get your calls returned quickly, you will get a high quality product that is formatted for your particular needs and you will get it at a price that is competitive and reflective of the quality and value we have provided.

More About Our Firm.

As a natural resources boutique, Lear & Lear PLLC specializes in several fields of mineral resources development and mineral project financing as well as renewable land related issues.

Most recently Lear & Lear has been assisting with development issues on lands related to the State Institutional Trust Lands Office (SITLA) and other public entities seeking trades or development opportunities. We also address traditional public education issues.

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Frequently Asked

What states are Lear & Lear attorneys licensed to practice in?

Lear & Lear attorneys are collectively admitted to practice in California, Colorado, Illinois, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Why use a natural resources firm for renewable energy?

As to alternative energy, Lear & Lear is uniquely situated to assist in the development of renewable projects. With our long experience in surface and subsurface issues, we are well positioned to assist in the acquisition of public renewable energy leasing as well as the acquisition and private fees or lease rights for renewable projects particularly in the West where many large projects are located on public lands. Once completed, Lear & Lear can also assist with operational oversight and monitoring as well as to provide assistance in meeting all administrative and regulatory requirements.

What types of Clientele does Lear & Lear take on?

Lear & Lear takes on a wide range of clients. Anything from large oil and gas operators to individual land and mineral interests. We also work closely with solar and wind producers and those looking to develop projects on state and local lands.

What is the best way to contact an attorney?

You can contact our attorneys directly or call our main line at 801-538-5000 to talk to someone about your specific needs.


Lear & Lear, PLLC is an energy boutique law firm with extensive experience in traditional and renewable energy sources. Our team of attorneys have years of experience helping clients reach their legal and business goals in a timley and affordable manner.

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