About us

Although headquartered in Salt Lake City, Lear & Lear attorneys practice nationally and are licensed in one or more of the Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent, and Appalachian states and in California and Nevada. Lear & Lear was founded in 2001, but its senior attorneys have practiced natural resources law for several decades.

In an effort to provide our clients with an expanded range of legal services, Lear & Lear is affiliated with Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough. While each firm maintains its separate practice, Lear & Lear, in combination with Jones Waldo offers our client’s full service representation including, tax, complex litigation, and general corporate representation, to name a few.
Traditional Energy

Lear and Lear's traditional energy practice focuses on natural resources and public lands law with an emphasis on acquisition, exploration, permitting and production of oil, gas, and mining properties. We have experience in oil and gas conservation matters, complex title examinations, administrative hearings and appeals, natural resources litigation and appeals, mergers and acquisitions, mineral financing, water rights and natural resources law on Indian reservations.

Renewable Energy

Lear & Lear, and its partners and associates, have a wide variety of experience in the renewable energy sector. Our experience includes exploration and development support including financing and federal, state and local relations. Our experiences range from traditional solar and wind projects around the country to geothermal projects in Texas and bio-gas development in New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Most recently, Lear & Lear has provided support to renewable energy producers, particularly for solar and wind projects on all land related issues. We assist in identifying prospects, due diligence and preparation of documents for the acquisition of projects or individual tracts with land owners to be used for renewable development. We work closely with title agencies, insurance providers, and surveyors to verify surface and mineral ownership and cure title defects. We also work closely with local governments and utilities to prepare easement agreements, crossing agreements, and ensure compliance with local and state ordinances and statutes. Finally we work with the financing entities and title insurance providers to assure that the projects are marketable.